Friday, July 14, 2017

2017 July 14 Lavender Field Update

I walked the lavender fields today.  Most of the lavender buds are either still closed and green or just starting to fill with oil or a few buds have color but most of the buds on the plants are still developing.

"Impress Purple"
 'Impress Purple' (Lavendula Intermedia) is a large lavender that has long stems and makes beautiful wands.  The buds are just starting to open and should be ready to harvest in about a week.  I would probably be harvesting but the bees are not in this lavender.  We have many of our lavenders in this stage:  just about ready to harvest but the bees haven't arrived---'Grosso', 'Gros Bleu', 'Edelweiss'---just to name a few.

"Miss Katherine'

'Miss Katherine' (Lavendula Angustifolia) is one of the English lavenders I use to cook desserts with.  (Please look in past blogs because I have put the recipe for the lavender shortbread cookies.)   It is pink, sweet tasting and we will be harvesting this week because the bees are in this lavender (which means to me that the oil is high).

'Folgate' (Lavendula Angustifolia) has bees, too.  We will be harvesting with the 'Miss Katherine'.  'Folgate' is used for my meat rubs (Please look in past blogs for the recipe).  I also just sprinkle it in other dishes just to give it a fresh flavoring.  Lavender is of the mint family so if you have a favorite recipe using mint, try substituting lavender.

Still Waters Lavender is open Thursday-Saturday, 10a-4p, for the months of July and August.  After August, the lavender will be drying in the drying shed, be made into oil, or put into handcrafted items.

We hope to see you and we make you kindly welcome.

Note to self:  do not walk through greenhouse.  Family of quail are at the end close to the house and it upsets the mom and dad when an alien gets too close to their babies.

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