Thursday, July 6, 2017

2017 Opening Day at Still Waters Lavender Farm

Today was the opening day for Still Waters Lavender in 2017.  What a day! 

We have bug books and bugs--lady bugs, humming bees and little mirrors.  The books are given to children to go out into the field and see if they can find the bugs while the parents go out into the field and see if they can find the lavender they like:  it's a win-win for family.  When the family comes into the gift shop, the children can choose one of the little bug/mirror magnets for their effort in seeking out those good little crawlies in the field.  

Products we offer are:
  • clothes hangers with pocket (lavender included)
  • chicken door stoppers with lavender fabric (full of lavender and flax seed)
  • OSU and UofO chicken door stoppers full of lavender and rice
  • neck wraps filled with lavender and flax seed
  • big big-eyed owl sachets full of lavender
  • extra large trivets (full of lavender and flax seed)
  • lavender scented and unscented 100% wool dryer balls
  • hardanger (Norwegian embroidery) sachet
  • little big-eyed owl sachets full of lavender
  • Large lavender-filled sachet pillow with pocket and pouch
  • travel sachet
  • scythe
  • rectangle sachet

  • Mason jar beeswax candle with lavender
  • lotion pump
  • foaming Soap
  • exquisite painted boxes
  • cards
  • bathing tea bags
  • marionberry preserves with lavender
  • pillows with sayings filled with lavender
  • honey with lavender
  • ice cream toppings:  lavender, orange and peppermint

  • doggone door stoppers
  • cozies
  • wyne bags
  • harvest aprons
  • table protector
  • china mugs
  • hydrosol
  • soap: goats milk lavender and rose, oats n' honey
  • body butter
  • and much more.......

After the farm closed this evening, I took an inventory of our lavender.  Our Intermedias--'Grosso', 'Gros Bleu', 'Edelweiss' (a white lavender), 'Super', 'Fragrant Memories' and many more are huge this year with long, long stems.  The buds are still developing.

'Grosso" is getting color.  It needs just a few more days to develop. 

Intermedia 'Grosso' grows very well in Central Oregon.  With its hedgehog shape and beautiful long stems and fragrant buds, it is one of the most favorite of lavenders.  I use this lavender for my sachets and making wands.  We will have u-pick as soon as this lavender develops its buds and the bees come and let us know this lavender is ready to be picked.

Chaytorae "Ana Louisa" would make a beautiful landscape plant.  Many have described it as being the color of sage.  We purchased this plant to see if it would grow in Central Oregon:  it does very well here!  It would blend in uniquely with other landscaping plants.  The stems are long and the flowers have a pleasant fragrance.  I have only a few of these plants but hope to have more when we propagate this fall.

Angustifolia (English Lavender) 'Miss Katherine' is a pink lavender.  I use it for cooking with--it has a wonderful sweet taste.  'Miss Katherine' is just about ready to harvest.  Again, I'm waiting for the bees to let me know when the essential oil is at its height.

The Oregon Lavender Association Farm Tour begins tomorrow.  We hope to see you and we will make you kindly welcome.

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