Saturday, July 15, 2017

2017 July 15: The Bees Came

 What a difference a day makes!  Yesterday, I saw only a few bees in the lavender: this morning, when I walked through the lavender--'Miss Katherine' and 'Folgate' (both English lavenders)--the bees were in abundance.  The large lavenders (the intermedias) are still developing (no bees), but I harvested the 'Miss Katherine' and Gene hung it in the drying shed this morning; Monday morning, I'll harvest the 'Folgate'.  I love the bees and their humming.  For all my fretting, the bees came not too early and not too late, but just at the right time!
"The pedigree of honey...

...does not concern the bee...

A clover or a lavender--(I added the lavender part), any time,
to him...

is aristocracy." - Emily Dickenson

Bundle of cut  'Miss Katherine'
Oil from stems

My hands were sticky with the oil from the stems as I cut the 'Miss Katherine'.

I noticed quite a few bumblebees and butterflies this year.  I tried to take their photo but they were too busy for my foolishness.

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  1. I can only hope that some of those bees are mine...we're only a half mile apart